The Erica behind the Erica

Hi.  Hi there.  You have selected to learn more about moi (that translates to “me” in French. #cultured).  Good for you!  Lets see…

  • I’m a proud Taurus sun sign with moon in Leo (roar) and ascending in Sagittarius (um… bow noise?)
  • I apparently am the type of person who feels that astrology is an appropriate way to lead off an “about me” section
  • I was classically trained in the culinary arts at a small academy in Punxsutawney, PA
  • I Interned at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.  Its kind of like a castle.  But built by a Vanderbilt. In the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • I am now finishing up two B.S. degrees at The Pennsylvania State University (one in Food Science, one in Nutrition. I also have a minor in overkill)
  • My biggest accomplishment in life so far has been the joy of parenting a handsome, healthy, somewhat well adjusted 4-year old son named Frisco. He is a cat (re: roar).

Oh look, there is me with a taco in Pittsburgh’s Strip District!!!

Bonjour carnitas taco

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