Foodku #58 – Fallen Fruit

I had the chance to vacation with my parents a few weeks ago at Rehoboth Beach (#himom #hidad) and what a total blast we had!  In spite of all the fresh seafood and delicious boardwalk bites, one snack stood out for me.  It was the simplest of pleasures, a throwback to my packed lunch cafeteria days. Momma Margaret made me an almond butter and tart cherry jam sandwich on whole wheat bread and cut it into quarters (crusts left on at my request).  Eating my simple lunch, sitting on the sand in the hot sun, I could taste how much love she had slipped in.  I could taste the love she had tucked into all the lunches she made me growing up.  So in honor of that sweet nostalgia, I’ve penned a super morbid and creepy food poem.  I love you momma!  Bon app y’all.


Jam, jelly, preserves

Fruit’s blood made thick, sweet nature

Berry massacre


Poured out from the veins of the innocent and into the jars of Mason.  Photo lifted from Annabel Langbein’s “A Free Range Life” blog (#hiAnnabel).

One thought on “Foodku #58 – Fallen Fruit

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