Foodku #57 – Mmmm Bacon

I wrote this little ditty a while back when i was toying with the idea of relaunching United Tastes of Erica.  Bacon has got to be one of the most inspirational foodstuffs out there.  I could write about it for days.  What is it about the smokey, fatty, umami rich slabs that drive us so wild?  Is there a Shark Week-esque “UToErica Bacon Week” in our future?  Should I trademark this now and order t-shirts?  Discuss.  And enjoy your daily dose of Erica below.  Bon app y’all!
Raise, Fatten, Slaughter
Butcher, Cure, Smoke, Sizzle, Drool
Bacon’s odyssey
Here we see the wild Bacon in its natural habitat, swimming with its kin in a grease filled watering hole. #discoverychannel #crickey #naturesfinest (photo lifted from Shutterstock)

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