Foodku #55 – The Erica Strikes Back

Oh hai. Hai there interwebs. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Well breathe easy, because your favorite world famous blogging sensation is BACK!  I took a little hiatus in 2014… and 2015… and half of 2016… because I got a full time job at a big food corporation (which will remain nameless #professionalism #avoidinglawsuits #idontknowhowlegalstuffworks).  Today is my last day at that gig and I am celebrating my newfound freedom by relaunching my baby, United Tastes of Erica. Keep your eyes peeled for changes and new sections – this is UToE v2.0. I’m not entirely sure what v2.0 means yet but go with it.

I considered doing this Queen Bey style and dropping a 45 minute long video without warning, but the whole “Lemonade” thing is so April 2016. So instead I’m dishing out a brand new foodku hot off the press (foodku=food haiku, for the noobs). Enjoy! And Bon app y’all 🙂

Blessed boomerang
Foodkus return with a bang
United’s back, y’all



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