Foodku #54

“Amazing Lays, how sweet the chip, that saved a fat-kid like meeeee… I once was lost, then I found Chicken and Waffle potato chips and now I’m found, was thin, but now, I’m happpyyyy.”  These fuckers used to be my fav things for a hot second back in the Summer of 2013.  But then tragedy struck – they lost the “Do us a flavor” contest to Cheesy Garlic Bread (I DEMAND A RECOUNT) and were whisked away to the island of misfit flavors.  I have been trolling snack aisles in many establishments since then, constantly on the lookout for my southern belles.  The chip gods smiled upon me monday and low, it was sweet.  I bought two bags at the State College Wegman’s and plan on stocking a small bomb shelter with them.  Get out there and get some yourself, and sigh, and smile, and breathe in the flavor of a true winner.  Bon app y’all.


Foodku #54

Crunch, grease, salty, sweet

Southern delight in one bite

Chicken Waffle chips


Photo cred to me. Filter cred to Instagram. Noms cred to Lays.

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