Foodku #40

Canyon. Pizza.  This either strikes fear/regret into your hungover heart, causes your empty gut to grumble in glee, or has no impact on you because you are a normal person who lives in the non-Penn State real world.  Boo to the real worlders.  To those of you love canyon, I send you a virtual high five in solidarity.  To those of you who hate Canyon I ask you this: What the fuck is wrong with you?  It is delicious, open late, and a fucking DOLLAR A SLICE.  I like two kinds of pizza in this world:  High class thin crust pies with gourmet ingredients in trendy, well-lit locations, or cheap ass, street gutter, late night, greasy shit.  Middle of the road is overrated.  So here’s to you, oh Canyon my Canyon.  Bon app y’all.


Foodku #40

A dollar a slice

Drown its grease soaked cardboard crust

In the Great Ranch Lake


Scenes from an Italian kind-of-restaurant. Photo cred to Ginny Tory at The Daily Collegian.

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